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Aloha from Hawaii \m/

Tour Eiffel, France. 

Pont Des Amoureux - Love Lock Bridge

Just a walk aways from the Notre Dame Cathredral and a path leading to the Louvre. 

Couples will put a lock on the bridge and throw their key into the river. What’s funny is that every so often the locks will be taken off to make space for new locks. 

View from the top of Duomo Cathedral

Candle light prayers within the Duomo Cathedral.

Via a Duomo - Firenze, Italia

Shout out to Keo Nooch for letting me use his macro lens for this trip.

Via a Duomo - Firenze, Italia

Musicians everywhere you go. Makes for a beautiful distraction as you wait in line for the Duomo.

Ponte Vecchio - Firenze, Italia

Ciao! I’m finally here and settled into my home stay. I’m extremely lucky to live by the infamous Ponte Vecchio.

These photos were taken by my phone so hopefully the quality can show you the beauty of Firenze.

Ponte Vecchio, translated as Old Bridge, is famous for its stores built right on top of it.

Every part of Firenze is different in it’s architecture, being on this side is refreshing. However, there are pros and cons for everything. The con is the overwhelming amount of tourists that visit this area everyday. But I did find that the key to visiting sites is to go either during the morning or night. It is so much less hectic and frustrating. You definitely get to see the real Firenze at those times where it’s just the local Italians walking to or from work and the occasional tourists roaming around (:

To the start of a new chapter. 

Warning - Those pictures aren’t by me but they do summarize what I’ll be doing this summer.

As some of you may or may not know, I’ll be studying abroad this summer in Florence, Italy! I’m leaving tomorrow (05/27/14) and I’m nervous about the airplane ride, did I mention that it’s about a 24 hour plane ride from Hawaii to Italy?! I feel like I have reverse culture shock where I don’t even want to go because I’ve been stoked for forever about this trip ;A;

I have so many questions that can only be answered there! Am I going to be okay on my first long plane ride? Will I get lost? Am I gonna have internet connection? How is it going be in a homestay? How am I going to get to France? Am I going to live in a hostel after my homestay? How am I going to do in the language placement exam? Did I over pack? Are shorts a fashion faux pas there? Am I going to get pickpocket-ted?  

Here’s to trying to budget because the Euro exchange rate hurts the feels. I’m also going to France to visit relatives and hopefully other countries if I have the time and money. I have double maybe even triple the language barrier to deal with (Italian, French, & Laotian). Wish me luck guys! I’m just going to wing it and enjoy \m/

My goals for this summer! 

  • Ride a gondola 
  • Climb the Duomo 
  • Enjoy authentic Italian food (canoli, gelato, pasta!)
  • Take artsy pictures 
  • Visit Rome, Sicily, Siena, Naples, Venice, Milan, Cinque Terra & Portofino, Verona, Pompeii, and Bologna.
  • Leaning tower of Pisa! 
  • Swiss Alps
  • London Eye 
  • Amsterdam
  • Eiffel tower at different times of the day 
  • Palace of Versailles, France  

"She turned her can’t in to cans, and her dreams into plans." 

"It is so hard to leave- until you leave. And then it’s easiest thing in the world."

"Let the world know why you are here. And do it with passion."

"You must go on an adventure to find where you belong."

"Travel far enough and you end up finding yourself."

"I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world."

Shipwrecks - Kauai 

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